Talko Tuesday: June 06, 2023

Good morning, News Viewers, and welcome to June. Another month has flown by and the year is nearly half over; that just seems so weird. And speaking of June, currently, we’re back to spring and it’s awesome because the alternative, excessive heat, is not anything I looking forward to.

A few months ago, I ordered another patio umbrella to protect some of my plants. “Full sun” where I live can fry plants. Filtered sun works out so much better and all the house plants I put out on the patio after the roofers finished in April are thriving.

I also ordered a canopy to shade one of my raised beds so my tomatoes won’t turn into marinara sauce on the vine in the “full sun.” Welp, there have only been a few days that my plants needed extra protection from the “full sun.” I’m not whining because like I said, the alternative could be so much worse but I would like to at least finish putting up the canopy so my husband will quit whining about it. He doesn’t get it but will be the first to whine about “unnecessary purchases.” Summer hasn’t even officially begun so, yes, we’ll need the canopy at some point.

So, if your garden, how is your garden doing? Mine is doing very well but just slow. Normally, I would have picked some zucchini by now but, they’re just blossoming out right now. We had a long winter and everything is sooooo slow this year.

I do have a bunch of tomatoes developing but, they’re green and it looks like they will remain green for at least a few more weeks. I should be picking grape tomatoes by now but those vines are just setting fruit.

Anyway, enjoy the day and stay safe!

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