Dog Poop War in Ohio Pits Neighbors Against Each Other

DATELINE: NEWTON FALLS, Ohio — An altercation over dog poop in Newton Falls ended with deputies being called and a woman who said a bag of poop was thrown at her.

According to an incident report, It all started about 9:39 p.m. Friday when a woman and a teen girl were walking their dogs along the 400 block of Center Street when a woman began yelling at them from a house about picking up their dog’s poop from her yard.

The woman walking her dog said another woman from the house ran after her with a bag of poop and ordered her to take it. When the woman refused, the woman with the bag of poop threw at her, hitting the woman in the chest, the report stated.

The woman throwing the bag of poop also made threatening remarks such as “I’ll F****** kick your a**”,” and “I’ll f*** you up,” the report stated.

A man at the house is also accused of coming outside and waving a broomstick at the women walking their dogs, the report stated.

The woman walking her dog called police and told deputies that her dog did not poop in the yard and that she always carries bags to pick it up.

A woman at the house said she saw the woman’s dog poop in the yard and that it was still warm. She said the dogs always poop in her yard.

Officers advised both parties to seek a civil way to handle the problem and referred the woman walking her dog to the prosecutor’s office if she wanted to file charges.

Newton Falls is a short drive from Youngstow, on what they call the East Northeast Route.

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