Liveblog - Weekend Wrap Up: June 11, 2023

You’re in for a long one today since we just can’t shake the Indictment Day Hangover. Plus, TFG held two, bigly rallies and well, we have clips. So, If we missed anything, please fill in the blanks.

Note to MAGAt Dipshits-Heed it!:


President Biden/biden Administration:

Election 2024:

Lowlights from TFG’s Rallies:

Note to Ignorant AF MAGAts: He Can’t Do This-

The Worst and Stupidest People in the World:

Fox Hosts Tease FBI Document Shows Biden Was ‘Paid $5 Million’ Bribe — Then Report Fox Source Says It ‘Doesn’t Say That’

Fox News hosts teased an FBI document that showed President Joe Biden was “paid $5 million” — then reported after the break that Fox News reporting says the document “didn’t say that.”

At issue is a form containing secondhand allegations relayed by a confidential FBI source that had already been checked out during then-President Donald Trump’s tenure in the White House. It became the subject of an ostentatious contempt threat when the FBI refused to release it on the grounds it would compromise sources.

Thursday, Fox News congressional correspondent Chad Pergram contradicted claims from Republican lawmakers who were permitted to view the form under secure conditions — and other Fox News reporting — saying “a source familiar with the document tells Fox, quote, ‘The document does not say Joe Biden received any payments.’ Still, the GOP is going for the jugular.”

Violent MAGAts:

Craven Assholes:

Someone’s Hitting the Sauce:

Craven Assholes Need Attention:

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