Governor Newsom Sits Down With Fox ‘News’ Talking Head, Sean Hannity

The interview proved quite amicable but, Governor Newsom held his own. They talked about comprehensive immigration reform, President Biden, the prospects of Gov. Newsom running for president, and job creation. On job creation, Gov. Newsome owned Sean. He also addressed the inhumane, human smuggling campaign launched by heartless, wannabe president, GQP craven assholes, particularly, Ron DeStronzo.

Because CA has a major homeless problem and alls you have to do is look out your window to see it, Governor Newsom added this:

On another hot topic, Newsom admitted that his 2008 “10-year plan” to battle homelessness in California hasn’t worked. When Hannity asked why, the governor cited soaring home prices and rents, miles of regulatory red tape and NIMBYism.

“This state has not made progress in the last two decades as it relates to homelessness because housing costs are too high, our regulatory thickets are too problematic, localism has been too impactful – meaning people locally are pushing back against new housing starts and construction,” Newsom said.

^^^Per Capita alert on the economy and job creation. Newsom OWNED Hannity on job creation and the state of CA’s economy. Facts do not matter to Sean and MAGAt world. The video cuts off but the rest of the interview will air later this week.

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