Ohio Man Facing Charge After Pooping in Courthouse

DATELINE: BROOKFIELD, Ohio — A Hermitage man is facing a criminal damaging charge after police say he pooped in the probation office at Trumbull County Eastern District Court.

William James Taylor failed to appear in court June 8 for his arraignment on the charge stemming from the ordeal. A warrant has since been issued for his arrest with a $1500 bond. It happened back on June 5.

A probation officer told Brookfield Police that Taylor came in for a drug test, and after Taylor’s appointment, they found human fecal matter on the floor. In a police report, officers say the surveillance video showed Taylor leaning against the back wall of the probation office, defecating, and smearing it on the floor with his foot.

✱Brookfield is about a 16 minute drive from Youngstow, on what they call the North Northeast route.


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