Ohio 2-Year-Old Shoots Pregnant Mother to Death

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NORWALK — A pregnant Ohio mother died last week after she was shot in the back by her 2-year-old son who found a loaded weapon on a nearby nightstand, police said.

The 31-year-old victim, Laura Ilg, told 911 operators she had been shot in the back, went into shock and couldn’t breathe, Police Chief David Smith said. Police found her still conscious on her bedroom floor with a Sig Sauer Micro 9mm gun resting on the nightstand.

“She explained she was 33 weeks pregnant, and her 2-year-old just accidentally shot her in the back,” Smith said. The victim was rushed to Fisher-Titus Medical Center for an emergency cesarean section, but doctors weren’t able to save the baby. The mother died three hours later, authorities said.

Norwalk is about a 2 hour drive from Youngstow on what they call the West-Northwest route.

The Youngstow Vindicator

Ms Ilg and her husband told authorities the handgun was kept in a nightstand in their bedroom.

Police said a 12-gauge shotgun and an airsoft rifle were also in the home.

No charges have been filed and police said the investigation findings will be forwarded to the local prosecutor’s office.


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