It’s Official: Lauren Boebert is a Granny

The kid on the left wearing a GB Packers sweatshirt and carrying a long gun because he’s an ammosexual in training has just made his 36 year old mother a grandmother.

  • Rep. Lauren Boebert is now a 36-year-old grandmother, a spokesman confirmed to Insider.
  • In March, Boebert announced that her teenage son Tyler was expecting a baby with his girlfriend.
  • Boebert, who is staunchly anti-abortion, gave birth to Tyler when she was a teenager herself.

Boebert appeared on the Hannity Show:

“Sean, I did not put my life on pause and leave my four boys and my now grandson to come here and just get in spats with people,’ she told Hannity. “I came here to legislate and to be effective for Coloradans, Coloradans who are suffering from the Democrats’ policy. Marjorie is not my enemy. Joe Biden’s policy, the Democrats, that is my enemy that I am combating right now.”

-Business Insider
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