Kenosha Pastor Charged with Repeated Sexual Assault of Child Relative



David DeBerge, a prominent pastor who served as a chaplain in Wisconsin with the Jail Chaplaincy of Kenosha County Inc., the American Legion Post 21, and works part-time at the Kenosha YMCA, is facing up to life in prison for allegedly sexually assaulting a female relative beginning in the third grade as a form of punishment.

The complainant told police late last year that she was sexually assaulted by DeBerge in a home beginning in 2012 as punishment for misbehaving or rebelling. The alleged assaults purportedly continued until 2016  at the end of the complainant’s eighth-grade year, according to the Kenosha County Eye. It is alleged that as a young girl, the complainant was forced to perform oral sex on DeBerge numerous times, and he also watched her shower and took photos of her naked.

Records from the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department show that DeBerge was arrested last Saturday night and charged with incest with a child and repeated sexual assault with the same child, which are both felonies. If convicted of incest with a child, a Class C felony in Wisconsin, DeBerge could be imprisoned for up to 40 years. Repeated sexual assault of the same child, however, could send DeBerge to prison for life, as it is a Class A felony in Wisconsin.


DeBerge made his initial appearance at Intake Court Monday where a court commissioner imposed a $25,000 cash bond. DeBerge posted bond Tuesday, according to court records.

According to the criminal complaint, late last year a Kenosha police officer spoke with a person who wished to report a prior sexual assault allegedly committed by DeBerge.

DeBerge spent 20 years in the Wisconsin Army National guard as a chaplain. He also preaches the gospel to offenders who are incarcerated. At one point he worked for the Kenosha Unified School District.



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