The Extreme Court: Rules in Favor of Hate and Discrimination; Blocks Student Loan Forgiveness

SCOTUS released a few rulings today and both affirm what many of us believe: The Extreme Court!

Supreme Court rules for web designer who refused to work on same-sex weddings

The court issued a major ruling on whether businesses can refuse to sell certain products and services if they disagree with the message the customer wishes to convey.

The Supreme Court on Friday ruled in favor of an evangelical Christian web designer from Colorado who refuses to work on same-sex weddings.

The justices, divided 6-3, said that Lorie Smith, as a creative professional, has a free speech right under the Constitution’s First Amendment to refuse to endorse messages she disagrees with. As a result, she cannot be punished under Colorado’s antidiscrimination law for refusing to design websites for gay couples, the court said.

The ruling could allow other similar business owners to evade punishment under laws in 29 states that protect LGBTQ rights in public accommodations in some form. The remaining 21 states do not have laws explicitly protecting LGBTQ rights in public accommodations, although some local municipalities do.

Awwww, the Perpetual Victims:

Supreme Court kills Biden student debt relief plan

The justices ruled in two cases challenging President Joe Biden’s authority to forgive federal student loans under a 2003 law called the HEROES Act.

The Supreme Court on Friday invalidated President Joe Biden’s student loan debt relief plan, meaning the long-delayed proposal intended to implement a campaign trail promise will not go into effect.

The justices, divided 6-3, ruled in one of two cases that the program was an unlawful exercise of presidential power because it had not been explicitly approved by Congress.

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote that the court’s precedent “requires that Congress speak clearly before a department secretary can unilaterally alter large sections of the American economy.”

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