No Joke? Cage Match Between Zuckerberg and Musk Taking Shape

"The Thrilla of Vanilla"

According to the New York Times:

The talks over an actual cage match between two tech billionaires are apparently being brokered by UFC president Dana White, and are progressing.

How it started:

A tweet stirred Musk’s emotions with a discussion of rumors that Zuckerberg’s Meta was working on a social media app that would challenge Musk’s Twitter.

And then the throw down came from Musk.

 “Send Me Location,” was Zuckerberg’s response.

The following day, Zuckerberg reached out to Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Since then White says he has talked to the tech billionaires separately every night to organize the showdown. “They both want to do it.”

White says the two, along with advisors, have negotiated behind the scenes and are inching toward physical combat as an event appears to actually be taking shape.

White says it would be an exhibition match with a charity component, with Vegas as the preferred venue.

Mark Zuckerberg, 39, and Elon Musk, 52, have long criticized each other, often appearing as competitors, frenemies and outright enemies. 

Apart from their 13-year age difference, Mr. Musk is said to be at least 70 pounds heavier than Mr. Zuckerberg. In official mixed martial arts bouts, athletes are generally matched up by weight.

Zuckerberg has been training in his garage since 2021 with a quest to “bulk up,” and has entered the world of Brazilian jujitsu, a grappling form of martial arts. He recently posted a personal record for the “Murph Challenge” that requires a series of pull-ups, push-ups, running multiple miles and doing hundreds of squats, all while wearing weighted, military-grade body armor.


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