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Good morning, Coffee Talkers. I’m on my third cup and nothing seems to be working after a night’s sleep interrupted by thunderboomers. Apparently we’ve moved into our latest weather pattern — soggy and muggy — much more typical for us. It’s also helped to push the Canadian smoke out.

WARNING: If these images aren’t a wake-up, I’m not sure what would do it.

Fat Elvis Trump has had Elvis envy for a long time.

At a 2018 rally in real Elvis’s hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi, Trump told the crowd that the two of them were just alike.

“…other than the blonde hair, when I was growing up, they said I looked like Elvis. You see that? Can you believe it? I always considered that a great compliment.” –Fat Elvis Trump

Uh-huh, okay, Jan.

Trump cult members are now claiming he draws bigger crowds than Elvis.

Elvis once had a crowd of about 60,000. Trump claims he’s drawn as many as 75,000. And of course, the Spiciest Press Secretary ever claimed Trump had the largest inaugural crowd ever. Period.

During the era of Elvis concerts, 60,000 was a pretty hefty sum. The population of the United States was closer to 220 million when Elvis died and 216 million in 1975 when he had his biggest concert. By comparison, the U.S. population today is over 332 million people. Calculating the percentage of the population, Elvis had a much larger crowd per capita.

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I do think there are some similarities between Elvis and Trump. What do you think?

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