Ottawa County Commissioner Claims Recall Efforts Are Racially Targeted

Ultra Conservative Group Dismantled Diversity-Equity and Inclusion Department on Day One

A group of supporters behind Ottawa County (Michigan) Commissioner Lucy Ebel is calling the efforts to recall her racially motivated.

Proposito, the Latino-based organization, held a press conference to show their support for the woman who was elected to a divisive ultra-conservative group of commissioners backed by Ottawa Impact, evangelical activists.

Jesus is Lord over Ottawa County!!

As stated in the Community Guidelines, NO SCRIPTURE OR PROSELYTIZING

Ironically, at her first board meeting, Ebel motioned and succeeded in eliminating the Diversity-Equity and Inclusion Department within Ottawa County— a department that had an objective to recruit and retain a culturally rich and diverse workforce.

Constituent Larry Jackson who filed the recall says it has nothing to do with Ebel’s heritage. Jackson said he represents a bipartisan coalition who consider Ebel and Ottawa Impact too extreme.

MLive, Fox17

News Views reported on this Ottawa Impact group in January, when Ottawa County recruited failed Trump-backed congressional candidate John Gibbs to become County Administrator.

One of the primary goals of the new county board was to eliminate the current health director and replace her with an anti-masking ivermectin expert.

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