Musk Proposes Unconventional Contest With Zuckerberg

Forget the cage match, get out your tweezers!

In a tweet message inspired by Mark Zuckerberg’s launch of Threads, Twitter owner Elon Musk has proposed a “literal dick measuring contest.”

Nine hours earlier, Musk had used a popular right-wing term of derision in calling Zuck a “cuck.”

This should be good for advertising, no?

According to Techcrunch, Mark Zuckerberg’s new creation Threads, a rival to Elon Musk’s Twitter, reached 100 million users as of Monday morning.

Twitter has around 250 million users, many of them unhappy since Musk took the helm, but the website traffic is “tanking,” according to Cloudfare.

When Zuckerberg launched Threads, he said, “The goal is to keep it friendly as it expands. I think it’s possible and will ultimately be the key to its success. That’s one reason why Twitter never succeeded as much as I think it should have, and we want to do it differently.”

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