Today in Tuberville: Normalizing White Nationalism and Lack of Military Preparedness

In an interview with CNN’s  Kaitlan Collins, Senator Tommy Tuberville (Racist-Alabama), doubled down on his comments on White Nationalism, saying it was an “opinion” that White nationalists are racist. Since he’s been around more minorities than anyone, according to Tuberville, he can’t possibly a racist POS🙄.

My opinion of a White nationalist, if someone wants to call them White nationalist, to me is an American.”

This isn’t the first time, Tuberville defended White Nationalists. In an interview with a local Alabama radio station when he was asked if he believes White nationalists should be allowed in the military and responded, “I call them Americans.”

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, “[w]hite nationalist groups espouse white supremacist or white separatist ideologies, often focusing on the alleged inferiority of nonwhite persons.”

“Their primary goal is to create a white ethnostate,” the group says on its website. “Groups listed in a variety of other categories, including Ku Klux Klan, neo-Confederate, neo-Nazi, racist skinhead and Christian Identity, could also be fairly described as white nationalist.”

Collins’ interview with racist Tuberville also focused “on another controversy for the first-term senator, who has been in the news mostly for stalling scores of senior military nominations in an attempt to stop a Defense Department policy that helps ensure access to abortions for service members and their families.”

Watch the full video below:

The Alabama Republican’s bid to force the Pentagon to drop a policy ensuring access to abortion services for personnel could leave the Joint Chiefs of Staff with more temporary occupants than it has ever faced.

A lone Senate Republican’s bid to reverse a Pentagon policy ensuring abortion access for service members is delaying the smooth transfer of power at the highest echelons of the armed forces, including in the ranks of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as a monthslong partisan dispute over social policy drags on.

Senator Tommy Tuberville, a conservative from Alabama, has been single-handedly blocking hundreds of promotions for high-ranking generals and admirals since February, refusing to relent unless the Defense Department scraps a policy — instituted after the Supreme Court struck down the constitutional right to abortion last year — offering time off and travel reimbursement to service members who need to go out of state for abortions.

Now, Mr. Tuberville’s tactics are on the brink of disrupting the Pentagon’s ability to fill its top ranks. More than half of the current Joint Chiefs are expected to step down from their posts during the next few months without a Senate-approved successor in place, leaving the president’s chief military advisory body in an unprecedented state of flux at a time of escalating tensions with China and Russia.

US Marine Corps in historic leadership limbo due to Republican block

The Marine Corps is now without a Senate-confirmed leader for the first time in over a century thanks to a Republican senator’s block on military nominations.

Retiring Gen. David Berger formally relinquished command on Monday as the Marine Corps’ commandant, creating the first of several possible vacancies of Senate confirmed leaders on the U.S. military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff in the coming months.

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