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There was an event held last night that certainly falls into that category. It’s also probably safe to say that any topic that revolves around Robert F. Kennedy Jr is not worthy of much discussion.

Today’s Topic

At a Robert F. Kennedy Jr press dinner in a New York City restaurant last night, a couple of guests got into an obnoxious shouting match when the subject of the environment was brought up.

One drunk gossip columnist named Doug Dechert screamed, “The climate hoax!” at the top of his lungs.

Dechert’s decades-long pal and art critic, Anthony Haden-Guest, woke up from an apparent slumber across the table to tell Dechert loudly to “Shut up!”

The verbal assault continued between the two, as Dechert went off on a rant about the “scam” and Haden-Guest called his friend a “miserable blob,” “f*cking insane” and “insignificant.”

As if to pontificate on his position, Dechert broke wind at the table rather forcefully, and exclaimed, “I’m farting!”

According to the report from a Page Six journalist who was present, the table guests were blown away as the immediate climate deteriorated.

Meanwhile, the guest of honor, candidate for leader of the free world, remained stoic.

So reassuring…

To be fair, the account was more colorfully reported by Page Six — perhaps a Pulitzer nomination is forthcoming.

But I have to say that I did learn something newsworthy from this non-worthy event.

Apparently Dennis Kucinich is RFK Jr’s campaign manager.

Kucinich, a “Democrat” from Ohio, was a former Cleveland mayor and U.S House Rep; a presidential candidate who lost his primary to John Kerry; argued for an Obama impeachment; became a Fox News contributor —

and a pro-Trump stooge who believed the “Deep State” was dangerously undermining Trump as he defended Trump’s attempts to “improve relations” with Russia.

So…. what’s happening in your world? Care to clear the air on the topic of your choice?

Enjoy your free chat, and make it a pleasant Thursday!