Interviews Show Broadening Election Probe in Michigan

Several Michigan officials have been interviewed by Jack Smith’s DOJ investigators looking at Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election, as well as the “fake electors” who were looking to falsely award 16 electoral votes to Trump.

Among the interviewed:

Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy (R), who was targeted by Trump supporters when a failure to update election equipment caused errors that flipped a typical Republican stronghold to a Biden win.

Chris Thomas, a former state elections director who served as senior adviser to Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey.

Sen. Ed McBroom (R), who led a months long investigation that found no evidence of widespread or systemic election fraud.

Then-Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey (R), who traveled to Washington at the request of Trump and faced pressure from Trump supporters to award the electoral votes to Trump.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D)

The Secretary of State’s office provided a voicemail message in which a man who identified himself as Mark Foster “a lawyer with Rudy Guiliani’s team” asked then-Rochester Hills Clerk Tina Barton for help accessing Dominion Voting Systems machines.

“I am a lawyer with Rudy Guiliani’s team, working for the president. And we need access to some Dominion machines, which we understand may be something that you can help us with in Oakland County. If you can please call me back, I’d deeply appreciate it,” Foster said in the voicemail.

Also announced yesterday, Judge rules Michigan law broadly bans ‘undue possession’ of voting machines

Laying the groundwork for potential criminal charges in a high-profile case, an Oakland County Circuit Court judge ruled it is illegal for someone to take possession of a voting tabulator without authorization from the Secretary of State’s office or a court order.

That decision was brought after a Muskegon County special prosecutor to Attorney General Dana Nessel is weighing charges against nine individuals who were allegedly involved in obtaining voting machines for a “forensic audit” following Trump’s loss in Michigan.

Nessel’s office has previously said the group convinced local officials in three counties — Barry, Missaukee and Roscommon counties — to hand over five tabulators and then took the tabulators to hotels or rental properties in Oakland County.

There, members of the group broke into the machines, printing fake ballots and performing tests on the equipment.

Among the high profile Trump supporters being investigated and potentially charged are (left to right above) “Constitutional” Sheriff Dar Leaf; lawyer and former AG and Michigan Republican Party Leader candidate Matt DePerno; and State Rep. Daire Rendon.

Detroit News