Florida Teacher Sentenced for January 6 Crimes After Unhinged Tirade in Court

Hey Hey Hey -- Goodbye

A Florida music teacher who was found guilty of seven felony charges related to January 6 unleashed an unexpected tirade in the courtroom where U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta sentenced her to six years in prison.

Audrey Southard-Rumsey, 54, threw away her prepared notes and spewed venom at the federal prosecutors, government and the media for 15 minutes, which only earned her an additional “terrorism enhancement” to her sentence.

When she was done, the federal prosecutor urged the judge not to allow a customary federal court leniency at sentencing for “acceptance of responsibility.”

Mehta castigated Southard-Rumsey as a “one-person wrecking crew” when she used a flag-pole to push against police officers and unleashed a vulgar misogynistic threat toward Speaker Pelosi.

Southard-Rumsey will be permitted to surrender to the Bureau of Prisons in the coming months to serve the six-year prison sentence.


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