Melania Got Paid $155,000 From the MAGA Grift Fund

A new personal financial disclosure by Mr. Melania Trump shows that the missus got paid $155,000 in 2021 from one of the Trump’s grifting super PACs for a “speaking engagement.”

Melania’s name did not appear directly on the grift/PAC’s list of expenditures, of course.

According to the grift/PAC filing, the payments were labeled “event planning and consulting,” according to Federal Election Commission records. The super grift/PAC’s report showed two payments, for $125,000 and $30,000, to “Designer’s Management Agency,” which lists Melania as a client.

The payment time coincided with a private fund-raising dinner that the super grift/PAC held at Mar-a-Lago.

A spokesperson for the grift/PAC said Melania had been hired through her agency for “design consulting” for the old super PAC’s dinner and that her responsibilities included choosing tableware, arranging settings and picking floral arrangements.

The Make America Great Again, Again super/grift PAC has since folded and in late 2022 transferred $8.9 million to a new, similarly named pro-Trump super grift/PAC, Make America Great Again Inc.

Pam Bondi was serving as chairperson of the MAGA Again grift PAC at the time, and did not respond when asked for comment.

New York Times, Daily Beast

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