Brevard County Florida GOP: COVID-19 Vaccine is a Bioweapon

Claim Covid-19 and Covid-19 Injections are Biological and Technological Weapons


The Brevard Republican Executive Committee has joined a growing list of Florida GOP chapters calling on Gov. Ron DeSantis to ban the COVID-19 vaccine, which it called a “biological weapon” in a resolution this week. The nonbinding resolution was passed by a supermajority vote of committee membership Thursday. It now goes to DeSantis, Brevard County’s legislative delegation and state party leaders, joining similar motions of support from committees in more than half a dozen other counties.

It calls on DeSantis to ban sale and distribution of the vaccine “and all related vaccines,” and for Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody to seize all remaining doses in the state for safety testing, “on behalf of the preservation of the human race,” it says.

The four-page resolution cites a mix of news and government sources, legitimate scientific papers — including a Swedish study, purported to show that the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine alters human DNA, that its authors have said has been misinterpreted by vaccine critics — and fringe websites. Many of its claims have been disputed by major medical associations and debunked by fact-checkers from the Associated Press and other news agencies. One cited link appears to promote a version of the conspiracy theory that the Pfizer vaccine contains microchips or other electronic components.


In Florida, 17,810,446 people or 83% of the state has received at least one dose.

Overall, 14,971,549 people or 70% of Florida’s population are considered fully vaccinated.

Additionally, people or <1% of Florida’s population have received a booster dose.


The resolution may be read here.

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