Sir Charles Barkley Goes Off on Critics of Bud Light; “Y’all Can’t Cancel Me!”

After competing in a celebrity golf tournament at Lake Tahoe, basketball legend and TNT commentator, Charles Barkley, decided to buy a round of drinks for the crowd at a local bar. But first, he warned the crowd that Bud Light was also on the menu. If his choice to serve Bud Light triggered the “rednecks and andassholes who don’t want to drink Bud Light, fuck y’all. Hey, y’all can’t cancel me!” His comments received a mixture of boos and cheers.

“Hey, I ain’t worried about getting canceled because let me tell you something, if y’all fire me and give me all that money, I’m gonna be playing golf every (expletive) day. So listen, as I said last night, if you’re gay, God bless you. If you’re trans, God bless you. And if you have a problem with them – (expletive) you,” Barkley said

The beer brand has been under fire since it partnered with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney for an Instagram promotion for March Madness. The ad received stark backlash and triggered a large boycott of the brand.

Sir Charles’s message to the world:

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