Black man mauled by police canine after surrendering to police

Jadarrius Rose, 23, is seen on video during the July 4 traffic stop with his hands up surrendering to police before an officer deployed his canine.

A police dog mauled a Black man in Ohio during a July 4th traffic stop after he surrendered to authorities with his hands raised in the air following a “lengthy pursuit,” according to officials.

A Motor Carrier Enforcement inspector with the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) attempted to stop 23-year-old Jadarrius Rose who was driving a semi-tractor trailer because it “was missing a left rear mud flap,” according to an incident report. Rose was traveling westbound on U.S. Route 35 and failed to stop for the inspector and troopers who were called in for help.

An officer with the Circleville Police Department who has a K9 with him can be heard telling Rose to “go on the ground or you’re gonna get bit.” Meanwhile, a trooper with the OSHP is telling Rose to “come to me.”

It was then that the Circleville Police Department officer, identified as “R. Speakman,” deployed his K9. 

“Do not release the dog with his hands up!” a trooper can be heard yelling multiple times ahead of Speakman releasing the dog.

The video shows the dog running towards Rose, who came to his knees as Speakman released the K9.

Circleville Public Safety Director Douglas Debord said a review of the incident involving the Circleville Police K9 unit is currently being conducted by the city’s Use of Force Review Board. He said with the incident being under review, no further information can be released at this time.

Police arrested Jadarrius Rose, 23, of Tennessee who they said was speeding in a semi-truck on state Routes 23 and 35 when police attempted to pull him over. Rose was taken into custody and troopers immediately provided first aid and contacted EMS to respond.

Rose was charged with failure to comply, a fourth-degree felony, in Ross County where the police chase originated.

The Circleville officer handling the K-9 is identified as Ryan Speakman. DeBord did not say whether Speakman or any other officer had been placed on leave.

WOSU Public Media and NBC News