Republicans Feel Threatened by Woke Barbie

“Barbie” earned $155 million at the box office on its opening weekend after critics described it as “spontaneous and fun.”

Barbie has represented more than 250 different careers, and has often been seen as a symbol of “female empowerment.” But Republicans are focused on Woke Barbie causing division.

As it turns out, conservatives have a long record of being offended by women like Barbie and the aspirations she represents.

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro called it “flaming garbage.”

Conservative radio host Charlie Kirk didn’t like a transgender woman being cast in the film and labeled it “trans propaganda.”

Kirk said the film had been taken over by the “trans mafia.”

And then there’s Ted Cruz, who was outraged by a map in the film that he called “Chinese communist propaganda” because it showed a cartoon drawing of expanding Chinese territory.

Warner Bros said in a statement that the map was simply a childlike drawing and “not intended to make any type of statement.”

Ginger Gaetz didn’t like it either, and complained that Ken was too “low T.”

There’s also some interesting statistics showing “Barbie” is quite popular in red states, where lawmakers have blocked the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, voted against the Violence Against Women Act, slashed access to reproductive care, and more.

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