Ron DeSantis: Campaign Uses a Nazi Symbol in Deleted Tweet; Showtime ‘Cancels’ ‘The Guantanamo Candidate’ Documentary

Many of us had labeled Ron DeSantis, a fascist, but in a recently deleted tweet, his campaign puts him in right in the Nazi camp.

  • Governor Ron DeSantis’ campaign released a video that included a sonnenrad, a Nazi symbol, leading to widespread criticism.
  • The symbol, often associated with white supremacists and neo-Nazis, was placed alongside DeSantis’ slogan, “Make America Florida.”
  • Despite the video’s removal, the incident has sparked fresh concerns about DeSantis’ alleged affiliations with far-right groups.

The video from the Ron DeSantis Fancams account has since been deleted after social media users said it was reshared by a member of DeSantis’ campaign team. Newsweek has not been able to verify if it had been shared, or the account from which the clip was retweeted from. DeSantis’ office has been contacted for comment.

“A DeSantis campaign staffer just retweeted a video made by a DeSantis supporter that included a Nazi symbol in the video. I’m at a loss for words. They’re no longer hiding it. They’re openly embracing extremism.”

-Harry Sisson, a New York University student who was brought in by the Biden administration to promote the president’s 2024 campaign on social media

According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the sonnenrad is one of a number of ancient European symbols that the Nazis appropriated in their attempt to “invent an idealized ‘Aryan/Norse’ heritage.” The Nazi party and Adolf Hitler’s paramilitary group the Schutzstaffel [SS] both used sonnenrad imagery.

Inside the DeSantis Doc That Showtime Didn’t Want You to See

“Hey, you actually can force feed, here’s what you can do.”

-Ron DeSantis

When executives at Showtime pulled a VICE documentary exploring Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ experiences with Guantanamo Bay detainees, it was hard to ignore the timing: It was one day after DeSantis officially declared for president.

The Daily Beast has obtained a transcript of that unaired documentary, “The Guantanamo Candidate,” which was anchored by Seb Walker, a longtime correspondent for the Emmy-winning newsmagazine.

The doc then presents a clip from DeSantis’ 2022 “Top Gun” campaign ad, where he lectured hypothetical recruits about “today’s training evolution: dog fighting—taking on the corporate media.”

The documentary contrasts DeSantis’ account with those of two anonymous ex-prisoners, whom the transcript indicated were not represented in the flesh; their claims were delivered in “voice notes.”

“Officer DeSantis was one of the officers who oversaw the force-feeding and torture we were subjected to in 2006,” one former prisoner said. The second former detainee claimed that DeSantis was “one of the officers who mistreated us,” adding that DeSantis was “a bad person” and “a very bad officer.”

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