Toothless MAGAt at TFG Rally Wants to ‘Kill Em All!;’ Shithole Interviewer Agrees

On Saturday evening, TFG took his fascist clown car to Erie, Pennsylvania, to hold one of his KKKlanfests bigly rallies. Right Side Broadcasting Network or RSBN, (AKA: One of Several Shitholes) the pro-Trump outlet that broadcasts all of TFG’s rallies, was on hand to interview members of the crowd who lined up early to get a seat. One of TFG’s toothless KKKult members had this to say when asked what to do with the likes of President Joe Biden, RINOs, and “globalists.” The Shithole interviewer agreed with the toothless MAGAt’s solution:

MATTHEW ALVAREZ: So how are you guys doing?
TRUMP FAN: Good, good, good. I’m here to guarantee Trump gettin’ back in and get rid of the corruption that’s in the White House right now. It’s a disgrace. Joe Biden is a disgrace to this country.
MATTHEW ALVAREZ: He’s a disgrace. And so are all the, the left and the RINOs, the globalists…
TRUMP FAN: … every one of ’em! Kill ’em all! Kill ’em all!
MATTHEW ALVAREZ: I agree with you on that!

Bigly, ‘Payed Jernalist’ Walks Back His Comments; Blames ‘the Left’ and the ‘Corrupt Media:’

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) views the term, globalist, as an anti-semitic trope.

The idea of a Jewish Globalist was embedded in the core ideology of Nazism. Hitler often portrayed Jews as “international elements” who “conduct their business everywhere,” posing a threat to all people who are “bounded to their soil, to the Fatherland.”
Today, Globalist is a coded word for Jews who are seen as international elites conspiring to weaken or dismantle “Western” society using their international connections and control over big corporations (see New World Order)—all echoing the destructive theory that Jews hold greed and tribe above country.

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