Texas Cops Hold Family at Gunpoint During a License Plate Mix-up

Newly released body-cam footage shows Texas police holding an Arkansas family at gunpoint in a traffic stop.

The Frisco Police Department incorrectly ran the Arkansas license plate of the family’s car—a Dodge Charger—as though it were from Arizona.

When the police ran the plate from Arizona, it came back as stolen, prompting the cops to initiate a “traumatizing” experience for the family. The driver mom was ordered out of the car and her son was placed in handcuffs. After 16 minutes, the officers acknowledged the mistake, with the responsible officer stating, “It was an honest mistake, that’s on me.”

The body camera video shows the officer who initiated the stop taking the mother aside and questioning her about her car’s tags. The woman tells the officer that the children in the back of the car are her son and nephew. Meanwhile, body camera video shows the driver’s husband talking to a second officer, saying “Listen sir, this is my wife’s car. We’re just in a basketball tournament.”

The officers start explaining it was all a mistake, and the driver’s husband breaks down in tears.

“That’s a terrible experience,” responds the father. “You all got to do your job, but we’re all legit,” he said.

“We’re so sorry that happened like this. We had no intent on doing this, you know?” another officer tells the family. “We’re humans as well and we make mistakes. I’m not justifying anything, I’m just saying, like, it wasn’t a computer that ran it. It was our human error that did this. So please forgive us.”

Daily Beast, CNN

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