Ron Filipkowski on Rep. Dan Goldman: ‘Doesn’t Shy Away from Battling the Crazies;’ GQP’s Hunter Biden Nothingburger

One of our favorite Twitter Guys, Ron Filipkowski, now does some writing for one of our favorite Twitter Groups, MeidasTouch. Ooops, I still call them Twitter, my bad: X.

I have posted a few captions from the article and video clips from yesterday’s 🤡 CloWn HoUsE 🤡 hearing but please, click on the link to read the article in it its entirety.

“In a short amount of time, Dan Goldman has already established himself as one of the most valuable Democrats in Congress by demonstrating a willingness to stand in the breach and take on the very worst House Republicans have to offer.  

Most Democrats realize that the unusual autocratic threat to the Republic presented by Trump and the MAGA movement requires them to set aside differences over policy for the greater good of defeating this threat at the ballot box.  That doesn’t mean we don’t grumble, gripe or complain – it’s just that typically we do it privately to each other while Republicans air their dirty laundry for all to see.

The most common gripes I hear from Democrats in private conversations is the age of some in senior positions, the ability of party leaders to truly understand the threat of the current GOP and the tactics they employ, an unwillingness to engage on culture war issues, and just a general lack of aggressiveness to push back against right-wing extremism.

The good news is that there is a new generation of Democrats in Congress willing to step up to the plate who understand where we are at and what needs to be done.  In addition to Goldman, Democrats like Katie Porter, AOC, Jamie Raskin, Stacey Plaskett, Eric Swalwell and many others have given Democrats some confidence that they have at least some who are capable of taking on GOP gaslighters.

As lead counsel of Trump’s impeachment, Dan Goldman came into the job as someone who was already widely known to people in both parties as a relentless, intelligent, fearless fighter. There have been many times where I watched Republicans go on the attack, and prayed for a Democrat in Congress to step up and punch back.  Inevitably, the first person on scene to stand in the breach is almost always Goldman.”

Rep Goldman appeared on Morning Joe this morning:

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