Nearly 100 Croatian Soccer Fans Face Murder, Gang-Related Charges in Greece After Deadly Violence

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Nearly 100 arrested Croatian soccer fans appeared in an Athens court Wednesday to face serious criminal charges that include murder and membership of a criminal organization, over their alleged involvement in deadly fan violence. The handcuffed youths – many with their shirts pulled over their heads to hide their identity – appeared before an investigative magistrate a day after a 29-year-old Greek fan was stabbed to death outside AEK Athens’ stadium, prompting the cancellation of a Champions League qualifier against Croatian Dinamo Zagreb.

Court officials said the magistrate issued the blanket charges against all 103 suspects, including 97 Croatian nationals. The indictments also included charges of multiple assault and illegal possession and use of explosive material. The murder-related charge is likely to be dropped for most of the defendants as the investigation proceeds.

Amateur video of the attack showed dozens of youths wielding bats and iron bars running past the stadium, as flares and petrol bombs exploded. Ten people were injured and four remain hospitalized.


ATHENS, Aug 8 (Reuters) – A 29-year old man died on Tuesday after being seriously injured in violent clashes between fans of the AEK Athens and Dinamo Zagreb soccer clubs before a scheduled match in Athens, Greek police said on Tuesday.

The man, an AEK fan, was stabbed several times during the clashes outside AEK’s football pitch in Nea Philadelphia late on Monday, a police official said.

Police said 100 to 120 Dinamo Zagreb fans showed up late on Monday near the stadium, where AEK fans had gathered.


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