Michigan Rep Matt Maddock Warns of Civil War at Fundraiser Pool Party

Michigan state Rep. Matt Maddock, also husband of fake elector Meshawn Maddock, warned that the weaponization of the government toward conservatives would result in someone getting shot or civil war breaking out.

Maddock was speaking at “Free The 16 Electors Poolside Party!” — a fundraiser for the Michigan fake electors’ legal defense at his home. He attempted to ask his guests what might happen if conservatives, citizens and taxpayers were going to continue to be investigated and prosecuted, but he answered his own question. “What’s going to happen to this country?” he asked.

“Someone’s going to get so pissed off, they’re going to shoot someone,” Maddock continued, according to the recording. “Or we’re going have a civil war or some sort of revolution. That’s where this is going. And when that happens, we’re going to get squashed.”

The audio can be found below.

  • Maddock compared the prosecution of fake electors to Nazis sending Jews to the gas chambers.
  • Amy Facchinello, another fake elector, spoke briefly at the event. She is a local school board member facing a recall effort.
  • Several Michigan fake electors are setting up online fundraisers for their defense. Meshawn and another fake elector raised more than $32,000 on a page they set up together, while others have only raised a few hundred or a few thousand dollars.

The Michigan fake electors charged last month not only falsely declared duly elected status, but they also falsely claimed they had “convened and organized in the State Capitol” — the location where such proceedings must legally be held — despite meeting at state GOP headquarters instead.

At their earlier arraignments, each entered not guilty pleas, and they were released on bond under the condition that they follow the law, get permission to leave Michigan and not possess firearms.

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