Michigan Woman Caught  Performing Sex Act on Boyfriend’s Dog 

She can be heard saying ‘good boy’

Says it Was Her First Time

DATELINE: TAYLOR, Mi. — A Michigan man was reviewing video from recently installed cameras in his home when he found video of his girlfriend abusing his dog Max in his living room. He called the cops which led to 30-year-old Brittany Ann McClure getting arrested.

Detective Philip Collop revealed at McClure’s Wednesday arraignment in the 23rd District Court that the video showed McClure “lying on the living room floor on a mattress with a blanket,” Fox 2 reported.“She opens the blanket and calls the dog over,” the detective reportedly said. “She is heard saying ‘good boy.’”

In the report, Lt. Frank Canning was also quoted describing “plain as day” sexual abuse, in which McClure allegedly “perform[ed] fellatio on their dog named Max” and attempted to get the dog to “reciprocate.” Canning suggested that the defendant had “an interest in fetish stuff that was seen on the internet.”

Shockingly, cops claim that McClure admitted to the crime when confronted about it, but the defendant allegedly said this was the only such incident.

Brittany is facing 15 years in prison for felony sodomy of an animal. Bond was set at $100,000.



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