Liveblog - Indictment Hangover: What Others are Saying

Now that a Grand Jury in Fulton County, GA, issued a fourth set of indictments charging the forever disgraced, former president and his merry band of thugs for their alleged attempts and roles in trying to overturn the 2020 election, what are people saying or how is the world reacting? Below are some snippets of people’s and craven assholes’ reactions. This thread will serve as News Views daily blog so, feel free to share what you have found providing it comes from a credible source and can be easily verified.

First and foremost, the Grand Jury has charged the forever disgraced, former president with the following:

The entire document can be read here:

All together, the Grand Jury indicted nineteen people on forty one charges. The charge all defendants face is Count One: VIOLATION OF THE GEORGIA RICO (RACKETEER INFLUENCED AND CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS) ACT O.C.G.A. § 16-14-4(c). DA Fani Willis has given the defendants the ‘opportunity’ to voluntarily surrender at the jail, not courthouse, by noon Aug. 25. Ms. Willis also said she plans to seek a trial date within six months. She intends to try the defendants collectively and wants to televise the trial. Fulton County Superior Court judge Scott McAfee will oversee the case.

Besides claiming the indictments are a witch hunt and politically charged, the MAGAt spin and their $64K question focuses on the length of time it took to bring forth these charges. Investigations take time; Grand Juries take time; indicting someone, especially a former president, takes time. Uh, DERP!

The Forever Disgraced Former President Spews Out:

Stay Tuned! Bigly Announcement!

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Let the Grown-Ups Talk:

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What Craven Assholes Have to Say:

Still a Craven Asshole, Just More Palatable for the Day than Most:

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