Coffee Talk

Good morning my friends — from moldy Michigan on another wet drizzly Thursday. Seriously, I’ve got mushrooms growing all over my lawn in August, when typically it’s like straw from heat and drought. Another climate change anomaly… when it seems there are no longer any seasonal normals.

There’s so much to chat about on Thursday’s free chat forum, where we talk politics, news, weather, recipes, cartoons, cats, and also that other guy……

Today’s Topic

It seems so many roads lead to TFG, that perhaps the co-conspirators just don’t get enough credit for being newsmakers. While every single one deserves legal consequences (i.e. jail), we all must have a favorite (behind the Dotard) we’d like to see locked up. Here are some options:

Which Co-Conspirator “patriot” is your favorite candidate to be Trump’s jail-mate?

You know you have one. For me it’s hard to choose just one, but I have thoughts….

But I digress — this is your Thursday free chat, always a vehicle for our faithful guests to sound off on the topics of your choice, and to share what’s happening in your world.

Make it a great Thursday!