TFG’s Former Border Control Official the Mastermind Behind Texas’ Death Buoys

Back in 2020, when TFG appointed Rodney Scott as chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, he heard about buoys being used in other countries as barriers to protect ships in harbors. He then began reviewing applications from various venders to install these deadly devices along the Pacific coast in San Diego and the Rio Grande river in Texas to deter migrants from crossing the border, according to an interview he had with NBC News shortly his appointment.

“Our guys would go up to it, jump on it, hit it,” Scott said.
They soon realized, he said, “It’s a deterrent. We were sold.”

Scott deployed the members of the Border Patrol’s special operations team to test buoys, first in a pool and then in an “operational setting” much like what they would encounter in the field. The group of SS wannabes decided to use flat “spin discs” between the buoys to keep migrants from climbing between them. They decided against using buoys or discs with spikes and barbs, although that equipment was available from vendors they researched

“We needed to make sure [migrants] couldn’t get across or climb on them,” Scott said. “We elected to go with something that was uncomfortable to touch, but did not lead to injuries.”

^^^How ‘Christian’ of you.

Shortly after becoming president, President Biden gave Scott 60 days to resign from his position or be removed from it. President Biden has now filed suit against Texas over its use of a buoy system near Eagle Pass, saying it raises humanitarian concerns, poses a risk to public safety and is in violation of the federal Rivers and Harbors Act. The government of Mexico said Texas is violating its sovereignty by placing the buoys in a river that borders both countries.

Scott now works for the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a non-profit, non-partisan research institute focused on promoting and defending “liberty, personal responsibility, and free enterprise in Texas and the nation by educating and affecting policymakers and the Texas public policy debate with academically sound research and outreach.”

If TFG wins the White House in 2024, look for more death buoys installed in more places and more dead migrants.

Scott’s testimony to the Clown House a few months ago:

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