Project Veritas Founder Is Under Investigation, and the Organization Is In Shambles

“Right-wing trickster James O’Keefe, who has spent more than a decade creating deceptive videos aimed at liberals, is under investigation in New York”

AP reports that “The Westchester County district attorney’s office confirmed Friday it is “looking into” matters concerning James O’Keefe, who was suspended in February and later fired as chairman and CEO. The Project Veritas board said he spent “an excessive amount of donor funds” on personal luxuries. Jin Whang, a spokesperson for District Attorney Mimi Rocah, declined to discuss the subject or details of the investigation, or what potential charges, if any, O’Keefe could face.”

Per Mother Jones, “O’Keefe has attempted to pin the blame for the company’s irregular expenditures on chief financial officer Tom O’Hara; O’Hara, according to The Nation’s report, is the one feeding the Westchester County DA with information on O’Keefe’s misdeeds. One gets the sense, based on The Nation article, that these two men are litigating a personal feud. 

To top it all off, the organization’s new CEO, Hannah Giles, reportedly fired the entire staff last week, leaving “only a skeleton crew of HR and a few fundraisers,” according to Charlie Kirk. But don’t expect the cultural impact of Project Veritas to disappear overnight. O’Keefe helped spread the notion that voter fraud was commonplace and easy to commit. People in several states are facing felony charges for their attempts to prove just that.”