Coffee Talk

Good morning, Coffee Talkers! We’ve got you covered for today’s free chat session, and hoo-boy, do we expect some chatting today.

Today’s Topic

Is there enough coffee in the world to cure the GQP debate hangover we’re experiencing this morning?

Once I finally fell asleep, I am grateful I slept peacefully, because I truly expected nightmares. It could’ve been bad.

Pastor Pence might’ve brought out the holy water to exorcise the demon in Vivek Rama-smarmy.

Or Chris Christie might’ve been attacked as a racist for invoking President Obama’s skinniness. Oh, wait…

So many moments to discuss, and only so much coffee, so I’m narrowing today’s question down to something that seems unsettled in the aftermath media.

When the moderators asked the candidates to raise their hand if they would support the twice-impeached, four-time indicted ex-president orange slob if he were the Republican nominee,

did Chris Christie raise his hand or what???

Watch the moment, full screen if necessary.

What say you?

Again, it’s Coffee Talk, it’s free chat, so everything, anything is on the table.

Let’s make it a great Thursday — and I don’t know how it can’t be when we can expect the long-awaited mug shot of the century later today. I’ll tip my mug to that.