Leader of Black Voices for Trump Denied Bail at Fulton County Jail

Harrison Floyd, the leader of Black Voices for Trump and the only Black defendant in the Georgia RICO case, was denied bail and will remain at the Fulton County Jail after turning himself in Thursday morning.

Floyd appeared without an attorney before Judge Emily Richardson, claiming that he could not afford an attorney. The court denied Floyd the services of a public defender following an application and eligibility review. Floyd stated he could not afford an attorney, costing between $40,000 and $100,000.

“I can’t put my family in that kind of debt,” he said.

Floyd is charged with allegedly harassing Ruby Freeman about fraudulent election claims, after arranging a meeting between Freeman and Trevian Kutti, former publicist to musicians R. Kelly and Kanye West. The meeting was videotaped by police.

Judge Richardson cited assault charges in May 2023 brought against Floyd after he threatened two FBI agents in Maryland who were delivering to Floyd a subpoena to appear before a Washington, D.C. grand jury.

In February 2023, Floyd threatened the FBI agents by running at them and striking one in a chest-to-chest blow.

Floyd called police officers after the incident. Affidavits of the incident show that Floyd lied, telling police the FBI agents did not identify themselves or show identification. He also lied again telling them the FBI agents accosted him. FBI agents denied the false account.

Floyd told the officers that he “almost went for it” when he saw a gun on one of the agents, and added that after putting down his daughter who he was with, he slammed his apartment door behind the two agents so he could “get a weapon” from his kitchen. According to the affidavit, Floyd told the officers that the agents “were lucky I didn’t have a gun on me, because I would have shot” one of them.

“There are grounds for bond to be denied at this point,” Richardson told Floyd. “I’m going to go ahead and find that you are a risk to commit additional felonies and a potential risk to flee the jurisdiction. So I’m going to deny bond, but a full consideration of bond will be addressed.” 

Floyd’s case has been assigned to Judge Scott McAfee.

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