Florida Now Has to Deal With Fuel Contamination as Idalia Looms

Florida officials warned of “potentially widespread” fuel contamination across the state’s Gulf Coast that could damage car engines and increase the chances of drivers getting stranded as Tropical Storm Idalia approaches.

The contamination happened after workers at Citgo, which supplies fuel to the greater Tampa area, accidentally switched diesel and gasoline in a shipment to stations on Saturday. Citgo published a list of the 29 stations believed to have received the contaminated fuel, including some as far south as Fort Myers and as far north as Brooksville.

The contamination could affect gas engines of cars and power generators. The contaminated fuel could cause engine damage or stop a vehicle or generator from operating entirely, according to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

As of Monday morning 33 counties along the Florida coast from Panama City to Fort Myers were under an emergency declaration. 

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