Governor of Hurricane Idalia Rejected Biden’s IRA Funding

As Hurricane Idalia made the history books in the Sunshine State this morning, Florida’s governor has vetoed funding from President Biden’s Inflation Reduction act resulting in $354 million lost to Floridians in energy efficiency rebates.

Ron DeSantis is placing opposition to Biden over helping Floridians weatherize their homes, and helping protect them from pollution or buy energy efficient appliances.

The majority of the money would have gone directly to Florida residents in the form of rebates for energy efficient purchases, but the governor also rejected $3 million to help the state fight pollution, and rebuffed the Solar For All program which would have helped low-income families purchase solar panels.

There’s reason to think Florida wants the funds: the state’s energy office requested them and the state legislature approved it before DeSantis vetoed a grant for the program.

“It’s unfortunate that some officials are putting politics ahead of delivering meaningful progress for hard working Americans,” said White House spokesman Michael Kikukawa. “Despite this, President Biden and his administration are working with cities, counties, businesses, nonprofits, and other entities in the Sunshine State to ensure Floridians benefit from the lower costs and stronger economy delivered by his agenda.”

Democratic Florida Rep Darren Soto urges the White House to work with local officials where it can. The climate funding, for instance, can go to localities instead of a state. Three Florida cities have taken it up.

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