Extreme Court Justices Alito and Thomas Release Their Financial Disclosure Forms

Following a series of ProPublica stories that documented numerous, undisclosed luxury vacations and other gifts Extreme Court Justice Uncle Thomas received over the years from a cadre of billionaires, including Harlan Crow, Uncle Clarence released his delayed financial disclosure form; he needed more time to complete it. For the first time, Thomas acknowledged and disclosed he should have reported selling real estate to billionaire political donor Harlan Crow in 2014; he claimed he “inadvertently failed to realize” he needed to disclose such transactions. Thomas also disclosed receiving three private jet trips last year from Crow.

Of course he whined about having to disclose all of his jaunts and gifts paid for by a Nazi memorabilia collector and other oligarchs, so he had his attorney release a statement on his behalf blaming “left wing organizations with largely undisclosed supporters that stand diametrically opposed to his judicial philosophy. The financial disclosure process should never be weaponized against any Justice simply because any organization or anyone disagrees with the way a Justice thinks, writes, or votes.”

In June, ProPublica reported that Extreme Justice Samuel Alito did not disclose that in earlyJuly 2008, Samuel Alito stood on a riverbank in a remote corner of Alaska. He was on vacation at a luxury fishing lodge that charged more than $1,000 a day, and after catching a king salmon nearly the size of his leg, Alito posed for a picture. To his left, a man stood beaming: Paul Singer, a hedge fund billionaire who has repeatedly asked the Supreme Court to rule in his favor in high-stakes business disputes.

Singer was more than a fellow angler. He flew Alito to Alaska on a private jet. If the justice chartered the plane himself, the cost could have exceeded $100,000 one way.

More information on Alito here:

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