Elon Musk Threatens Lawsuit Against the Anti-Defamation League

Blames ADL for Fleeing Advertisers on X

Elon Musk on Monday threatened to sue the Anti-Defamation League, accusing the civil rights group of trying to kill his social media company X with a campaign against antisemitism.

Musk went on to say that advertising sales were down 60% on X, and “based on what we’ve heard from advertisers, ADL seems to be responsible for most of our revenue loss.”

According to the ADL, antisemitic posts on X increased sharply after Musk bought the site in October 2022. Musk reinstated several extremists and conspiracy theorists, while allowing the harassment of former members of its now-dissolved trust and safety council.

Linda Yaccarino, chief executive of X and a former respected television advertising executive, said last month that X had become a safer place under Musk’s ownership.

“By all objective metrics, X is a much healthier and safer platform than it was a year ago,” she said.

The Guardian

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