Talko Tuesday: September 05, 2023

Good morning, News Viewers! I sure hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend; I know I did. It was nice having my husband around yesterday to help me put away all the cleaned chafing dishes we used for his family reunion and clean the floors. Of course, I could not just stop there—Oh, let’s clean out the refrigerator; let’s wipe down all the cabinets. Might as well, right? Yeah, that’s the stuff I do that irritates my husband. Oh, well; he got over it and helped…even took me out to breakfast once we finished.

So, it’s September–the year is almost done and the holidays are knocking at our door. That’s another thing that irritates my husband. I started planning Thanksgiving last night. We always had very large gatherings on Thanksgiving until COVID-19 came around and that was done. We might try for something this year….might. We will see what the weather is like. If it’s decent, then we will go forward with plans because people can go outside. If it’s not, NOPE! I do not want a bunch of people inside all close and cozy with one another; that is not happening. But, I’m like 2+months in the making and my husband reminded me of that last night. I even got treated to that look on his face to emphasize that I’m 2+ months away. He’s not a planner and that’s what irritates me.

Having said all that—enjoy the day and be safe!

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