Michigan False Elector Compares Stress of Indictments to Cancer

Marian Sheridan, one of the 16 Michigan false electors facing felony charges, compared the stress of her indictment to a cancer diagnosis.

The remarks were included in a video shared during a fundraising telethon held on Tuesday. The telethon was held by MAGA supporters including Steve Bannon, Kari Lake, and John Eastman, and was hosted by the Gateway Pundit, and viewed on the conservative video website Rumble.

Democratic State Rep. Betsy Coffia of Traverse City labeled Sheridan’s comments a “wildly tone deaf bid for sympathy.”

The telethon was attempting to raise $800,000 for the legal defense of the Republicans who signed a certificate in December 2020, falsely claiming that former President Donald Trump had won Michigan’s 16 electoral votes.

Detroit News

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