Wing Nut Watch Wednesday: September 06, 2023

While surfing the web, checking out my favorite sources and people on X (formerly known as Twitter), I ran across some Fake News, and stupid, ignorant, racist, and moronic stuff post that Wing Nuts/RWNJs/MAGAts posted. And since we seemed to have some fun last week commenting on the dumbass stuff these dumbasses post and believe, I thought we could do again and have even more fun.

Please feel free to play along and interact by sharing some ridiculous nonsense that only a Wing Nut/RWNJ/MAGAt/Listless Vessel would say AND believe. It’s truly incredible how and what these people ‘think’ and do. But in reality, it’s actually pretty scary.

TucKKKer Obsessing on President Obama and Anything Else to Keep His Stupid Ass Relevant:

***Sue the fuck out of these asses!—all of them.

Let the Conspiracy Theories Begin:

Methed Out, Mullet Sporting MAGAt Launches a New Conspiracy Theory:

Oh, ladies!!! He’s single…well, unless you take into consideration his girlfriend/blow-up doll.

On a more serious note:

A team of researchers has developed an inhalable vaccine that successfully protects against the COVID virus. It also opens the door to delivering other messenger RNA (mRNA) therapeutics for gene replacement therapy and other treatments in the lungs.

Ohio’s ‘Finest:’

🤬 She Mad 🤬:

The Assholes with Casseroles Has a New Fan:

Who will be Trump' running mate?

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