Michigan Fake Elector Had Detailed Knowledge of the Trump Campaign’s Involvement

Attorneys for Trump were “some very incredible constitutional attorneys”

Meshawn Maddock, one of Michigan’s fake electors from the Republican Party, said that the plan to use the slate of fake electors came together after some conversations with “some very incredible constitutional attorneys” from the Trump campaign.

  • In July, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel charged Maddock and 15 others for their roles in the Trump campaign’s plan to subvert the Electoral College and overturn the 2020 election results.

According to Maddock, the crucial decision on which electors to use would ultimately rest with a constitutional attorney and Vice President Mike Pence and Congress.

The newly uncovered interview reveals Maddock’s detailed knowledge of the Trump campaign’s involvement in the plot and undermines her more recent comments claiming only a “vague” recollection of it when asked about CNN reporting from last year – which first reported on the Trump campaign’s alleged involvement in the scheme.

Maddock has claimed that the fake GOP electors were not meant to replace the legitimate Democratic Biden electors, but her comments about Mike Pence show that she understood that fake electors could eventually usurp legitimate electors on January 6.


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