TuKKKer Carlson is Bigly Angry at Gov. Greg Abbott (A-Butt) for Not Having the Nat’L Guard do a “Good Shoot” on Migrants

How "Christian" and "Pro-Life" of TuKKKer.

Another violent, murderous “Brother in Christ” calling for the death of his fellow people.

“Has the Governor of Texas done anything to stop it? No. He’s got a National Guard. He’s the Commander in Chief. It is Texas, so they’re all large. And they have double stack magazines in their sidearms. You think they couldn’t stop that in a week? Just assemble on the border. But he won’t do it.”

He then disclosed that he had private conversations with Abbott urging him to do so. “I’ve suggested it to him three times, including in private at cocktail party in Dallas last year … If someone is trying to break into my house, it’s not complicated to repel the person. Do you have a firearm or don’t you?”

“Greg Abbott. Liar, liar. Worse than that – a betrayer of your own people.”

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