Free Chat Friday, Week 37

Happy Friday, News Viewers, and welcome to our free chat. What a week it has been — one for the books. When, in a hundred years, writers tell the story of NOW, readers will probably say “geez, that writer’s such a Drama Queen. . . .”

A right wing party eating itself for lunch, an impeachment to FIND a reason to impeach? A House with members giving ultimatums from the floor, and members co-opting taxpayer money to continue funding their revenge-fest through committees.

Maybe there really is something to this Mercury in Retrograde thing, maybe there are the usual number of crises but we hear about them SO often from the ratings driven news, our world view is skewed. . . . Or maybe it’s atmospheric, an issue with air quality. . . .🙄. Most likely? It’s the addition of humans to the mix — it appears we’re the wrecking balls of the planet — I wonder if we can save ourselves from ourselves?

Through it all, the talking, talking, talking without saying anything true. . . .The right wing exploding, AND we’re all at Ground Zero being poisoned by it. Enough, really.

While we’re working on solving the world’s problems, let’s talk about it — all topics all the time, anything is chat-worthy as long as its within reason, is civil, and adheres to our simple rule of non-assholery. So this Friday, what’s on your mind? Let’s chat. . . .

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