Colin Kaepernick Offers His Services to New York Jets’ Practice Squad

Ten days after New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers injured his Achilles tendon, likely sending him to the sidelines for the remainder of the season, “canceled” quarterback Colin Kaepernick offered his services to the team and Jets’ general manager Joe Douglas.

The former NFL quarterback listed multiple reasons as to why he thought he was a good fit to join New York’s practice squad.

“I am sure of my ability to provide you with an elite QB option if, God forbid, QB1 goes down,” Kaepernick wrote. “However, I know that there may naturally be uncertainties from you and possibly from others about my playing abilities.

“This plan, I believe, allows me to be of great service to the team as a practice squad QB, while also giving you a low-commitment chance to assess my capabilities to help in any other capacity you may see fit.

“Worst case scenario, you see what I have to offer and you’re not that impressed. Best case scenario, you realize you have a real weapon at your disposal in the event you ever need to use it,” Kaepernick wrote. “In either of these scenarios, I would be committed to getting your defense ready week in and week out, all season long, and I would wear that responsibility like a badge of honor.”

On the same day the letter was released publicly, the Jets signed veteran quarterback Trevor Siemian, who was with the Bengals in the preseason.

In the meantime, Zach Wilson remains the Jets’ starter for the 2023 season, despite a rocky showing since a come-from-behind win in the season opener. Wilson has lost both starts since Rodgers went down.

Kaepernick hasn’t played in the NFL since 2016 after he refused to stand for the national anthem as a protest of police brutality and social justice. In 2017, Kaepernick filed a grievance against, and eventually settled with, the NFL for colluding to keep him unsigned.

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