Mike Lindell Says MyPillow’s Now Facing Multiple IRS Audits

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says his pillow company is now facing five audits from the IRS. Lindell told Steve Bannon on the latter’s “War Room” podcast on Saturday that IRS auditors were looking into earnings made by his call center contract workers.

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The audits concerned commissions earned by some employees who worked remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, Lindell said. “It started in California. Now there’s three other states that are coming at MyPillow. And Steve, it’s disgusting,” Lindell told Bannon.

“They just keep attacking. Now they’re going after our employees. They made it very personal,” Lindell added. The pillow magnate further claimed that the audits were politically motivated because of his support for former President Donald Trump’s groundless election fraud claims. “This is something that hasn’t happened in 15 years, and all of a sudden there’s 5 IRS audits against MyPillow in three different years,” Lindell told Bannon.


We will see if Lindell’s story holds up. He isn’t exactly known to be highly credible.

If this is what he describes in this clip, this is more like a criminal tax fraud case, not simply an audit.



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