The cLoWn HoUsE Holds a Vote to Oust Speaker (in name only) Kevin McCarthy

So, because Kevin McCarthy worked with the Democratic Party to avert a government shutdown, the attention seeking, game playing dumbass, Matt Gaetz (Rapey McForehead/PedoGaetz) has filed a motion to oust ‘My Kevin,’ which the House will vote on soon. Alls it takes is five Republican to oust the most incompetent Speaker in modern times so, he needs the Democratic Party or some of its members to save his job. Will they? Maybe with some concessions, perhaps?

So far, despite the deep divides over McCarthy’s leadership, only a handful of hard-right Republicans have signaled they are willing to vote to remove him. Others who have aligned with Gaetz on spending cuts or other priorities are parting ways with him on this one.

PBS says the event is supposed to begin shortly but we shall see. Stay tuned! Bigly announcements!

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