Free Chat Friday, Week 42

Happy Friday, News Viewers, in this 42nd week of yet another year full of jaw dropping events. . . . .and the Duchess of Obvious predicts, “it ain’t over yet. . . .”

A recent Vox article is entitled, “Why so much is going wrong at the same time. . . .” The term used by Vox is “polycrisis”; here we might call it something a bit more brutal, a “cluster-rhymes-with-schmuck” OR if we were back in the day, we’d say it’s FUBAR. . . .

“Can there be anything more stupendous than the conception that the universe has no beginning and no end, but passes everlastingly from growth to equilibrium, from equilibrium to decline, from decline to dissolution, from dissolution to growth, and so on to all eternity?” – W. Somerset Maugham, The Razor’s Edge

Vox asks, “Why are so many of the world’s critical systems tipping into negative territory simultaneously? We have only bits and pieces of the answer at the moment, largely because universities, corporations, think tanks, and governments compartmentalize their expertise and attention into categories that align with the systems — economic, health, climate, geopolitical, and the like — that they see in the world. So they tend not to see interactions among these systems that propel the polycrisis, which means they’re far less able to intervene effectively.”

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