Jim Jordan Lost a Secret Ballot. He’s No Longer the Speaker Designate for the House GOP

Republicans subsequently met behind closed doors to reconsider Jordan’s nomination after his failure on the House floor. GOP lawmakers ditched him in what amounted to a no-confidence vote.

Republican lawmakers on Friday ditched Rep. Jim Jordan as their nominee for speaker of the House of Representatives after his bid to secure the gavel failed for a third time, multiple GOP sources told CNBC. 

It is unclear who the GOP will nominate next and whether any Republican candidate can secure the votes needed to become speaker. The House has been leaderless for well over two weeks now, with no clear path to end the impasse as Congress faces a deadline to avoid a government shutdown and the White House calls for urgent security assistance for Israel.

Jordan had insisted on remaining in the race despite failing repeatedly to secure the gavel as support for his bid eroded further with each consecutive House vote. On Friday, 25 Republicans voted against Jordan, who boasts the support of former President Donald Trump. Twenty-two voted against him in the previous vote.


After another productive week, Republicans will now go home for the weekend for some well deserved rest and will reconvene Monday.

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